tea for health benefits


Tea is love in a mug! Seriously – it’s literally instant happiness, just add water. Just like yoga, there are teas for every occasion. Teas for colds, teas for sleep, hot tea, cold tea, green tea – even blue tea.


Yes, blue tea. But more about that later.


Note: This post has been lovingly created in paid partnership with Black Leaves. BUT I wouldn’t recommend anything I’m not obsessed with. Concept, content, and opinions are, and always will be, my own. Click here to read the full disclosure.


I am legitimately obsessed with tea. It’s been a lifelong love affair.


I mean, does anyone else have an ENTIRE shelf of their pantry just filled with tea? Because, same.


I collect and hoard it.


No matter what the occasion, or ailment, I have a tea for it. 


I’ll get in the kitchen, add different blends together, and serve them up for loved ones, to cure what ails them.


Greg calls my tea concoctions my witches’ brews! I feel like that’s appropriate because I do believe that tea is a little bit magical, don’t you?

tea for health benefits 

Every cup of tea is a powerful love potion.


Tea is SUPER low in calories and good for you. So, if you want to boost your hydration but you’re sick of water, you NEED to get into tea.


I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new brands of tea to try, especially on my fitness journey. BUT as much as I love tea, I’m picky about it.


I like something local, with real benefits, made by real people.


Recently an Australian company called Black Leaves was kind enough to see if I’d like to try some of their blends. How exciting!


Always keen to connect with a local fellow Aussie business, and what’s more, they handpick and blend their tea concoctions… not to mention their tea is both delicious and magical. 


Let me tell you what I mean.


How tea can help with weight loss


Okay, let’s get frank. I’m VERY selective about promoting tea for weight loss because there’s a lot of misinformation out there.


A lot of detox tea brands use senna, a potent laxative, which can be harmful with regular use.


Sure, it can give you a short-term “weight loss” result by clearing out your colon (at the expense of a very uncomfortable night glued to your loo), but long term it won’t do much for weight loss or long-term health.


And we’re ALL about sustainable, healthy, long-term results here.


BUT that said, there are lots of other tea brands out there that don’t have harmful ingredients. 


And also, tea DOES have some incredible weight loss benefits. It’s been incredibly helpful for me on my journey and here’s why.


Tea is low in calories


The number of calories in tea is negligible, so it’s a great, flavoursome alternative to soda … and even cocktails.


(Yes, cocktails. Keep reading to see what I mean.)


Just go easy on the milk and sugar – these can stack on the calories.


Tea helps keep you hydrated


Does water boredom stop you from staying as hydrated as you should be? Tea is a great way to jazz it up a little bit.


It comes in so many delicious flavours that there’s something for everyone. 


And you don’t have to drink it hot! Brew it as normal, stash it in the fridge for a few hours and serve it on ice for a delicious and refreshing summer drink.


Tea can help detox your body, boost your metabolism & speed up fat burning


Many tea blends have ingredients that can help with the detox & fat burning process. One of my all-time favourites, green tea, contains catechins, which increase metabolism and burn fat.


Black Leaves’ blends of weight management teas help with digestion, appetite regulation, bloating, and appetite control – all things which, us girls know, impact how we look and feel.


But I love that there are no harsh ingredients – just delicious herbs that are gentle on your body. And as an added benefit, they’ll make your skin glow too.


In fact, the story behind Black Leaves is the most beautiful ever. The founder, Anthony, wanted to help his mum lose weight in a way that was healthy and sustainable.


She’d been struggling to lose weight, going on a bunch of diets, but nothing worked.


We’ve all been there, right?


Through his research and work with a mentor in Thailand, Anthony discovered a tea blend to help his mum through her struggles.


And help her it did! She lost the weight in 6 months.


And I know if a son wants to help his mum, he’s going to do the right thing by her, you know what I mean? 


He’ll make sure the tea blends he uses are safe, effective, delicious, and of the best quality.


tea health benefits


As someone who knows the struggle of trying so many fad diets and feeling frustrated when nothing works, I could relate to the story of Anthony’s mum! And I know all too well how the right blend of tea can change the game!


Anyhoo, I had to go off on one of my Rhiannon tangents because I know a lot of other girls can relate as I did. 


I’m here to share my story in the hopes it will genuinely help you guys and so when I find something I believe in, I have to share it.


How tea is good for your health


There’s a good reason you always feel better after a hot cuppa!


Tea has been used medicinally since ancient times. We’re talking well before Jesus.


I think it’s hilarious we associate tea with the British. I mean, they weren’t exactly quick to jump on the tea bandwagon. 


Tea didn’t come to Britain until the 17th century, but when it did, it was marketed as a medicine to “maketh the body active and lusty & removeth the obstructions of the spleen … cleaning the kidneys and the uriters” by Garraway’s coffee house, London.

tea health benefits


My point is, if we’ve been using tea as a medicine for thousands of years, its health benefits can’t be denied.


I’ve found blends of tea to help with everything from gut health to clearing up your skin and just about everything in between.


Every herb used in tea has its own unique healing properties.


Not into herbs? 


Just want to stick to the black tea variety? 


You’re still going to get some amazing benefits! 


Black tea, in particular, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and improves cholesterol.


How tea can help with anxiety


Okay, so real talk for a second. I just started a new job and whilst I’m liking it, my anxiety has been OUT OF CONTROL.


Especially on days before I go into the office (I work remotely most of the time).


The night before an office day I have trouble getting off to sleep which makes the next morning worse.


Lemon balm tea is my secret weapon. 


lemon balm tea health benefits


Lemon balm is proven to help you sleep, reduce anxiety, release stress and focus your mind. 


If your anxiety is keeping you up at night, try drinking a hot cup of lemon balm tea before bed. It tastes delicious – like a lemony-mint flavour.


But the good thing I’ve noticed about lemon balm is it doesn’t make you drowsy. So you can enjoy a cup any time you feel like you need to just peace out and take time for yourself.


Any time of day is the perfect time for tea.


My favourite tea recipe 


butterfly pea tea benefits


Would you believe this cute-looking cocktail is actually tea?


I’m about to blow your mind with the cutest little “beauty cocktail” to drink at happy hour. 


There’s zero alcohol, zero calories, and amazing benefits for your skin.


You’ll need:


1 teaspoon of butterfly pea flower tea – this is the secret ingredient

♥  1 cup of hot water (about 85 degrees – hot but not boiling)

♥  some lemon juice to taste

some frozen berries, or some fresh mint (pictured) for extra flavour


First, brew your tea according to the packet directions. 


Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is the coolest tea ever because it will turn bright blue. Like, the same colour as blue curacao.


It legitimately looks like a cocktail.


butterfly blue tea health benefits cocktail 

Pop it in the fridge for a few hours to cool.


Pour it into your favourite tall cocktail glass with a few drops of lemon juice and behold – I don’t know how this happens but it gives your tea an amazing bright purpley-blue gradient effect.


Now it’s time to decorate with whatever you have to hand! 


You could add a fresh lemon wedge to the glass, some frozen berries, or do what I did and add some fresh mint and et voila! You have yourself the cutest, most delicious little mocktail to sip on at happy hour. 


It’s tres chic and it makes your skin glow too. Butterfly pea tea is full of amazing antioxidants that reduce skin redness & boost collagen production.




Every cup of tea is a powerful self-love potion. It makes you glow from the inside out.


I always say that tea is love in a mug!


Whether you want clearer skin, a gentle way to lose weight, to do something beautiful for your body – or just enjoy a delicious, refreshing drink, they make a tea for that.


I hope you’ll get out your cutest tea set, treat yourself to the perfect blend, and join me in the garden for a spot of tea.


Cheers to your health, kittens!


♥♥♥ What’s your all time favourite tea flavour?  Comment your favourite flave down below! ♥♥♥

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Want to try Black Leaves’ amazing tea blends for yourself?  These are my personal faves:

Butterfly Pea Tea

Lemon Balm Tea


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tea health benefits

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