Psst … I’m about to let you in on a magical little secret for getting fitter and healthier effortlessly, staying on your grind, and living your real life.


Okay, ready? Here it is.


All you have to do is remember this guideline: “never miss two in a row“.


This little guideline (I hate the word “rules”) helps me live my life and still stay on track with my fitness goals.


Never miss two in a row!


Sometimes we have to miss a workout, or sometimes we want to enjoy an indulgent meal.


Life happens!


Don’t beat yourself up, do weird shit like live on spinach for the next two days, or kill yourself with a double workout to “punish yourself” for a slip up.


Just live by the rule “never miss two in a row” – miss a workout today, make tomorrow’s workout non-negotiable.


Eat ice cream on the beach for afternoon tea, have a nourish bowl for dinner.


It ensures that you stay consistent with your health and fitness goals AND still get to live your life.


It doesn’t mean you need to restrict or deprive yourself at your next meal – it just means you choose something healthier, or eat the healthy meal you’d originally planned to eat.


It doesn’t mean you need to overcompensate in your workout and push yourself to breaking point – it just means that you rock up to your next scheduled workout as normal.


It ‘s how glamour girls get to eat out at fine restaurants, enjoy a burger and Coke, and still fit their favourite LBD.


And it’s how girls like me on a fitness journey stay focused on their fitness goals without losing their damned minds.


Getting fit is hard because we make it hard.  But it doesn’t have to be.


We don’t have to be perfect.  We just have to be consistent.


By ensuring you get back on track at the next meal, you can indulge without the guilt and still feel good about reaching the goals.


And if we don’t feel good on the journey, what’s the point, right?


never two in a row

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