If you ever feel like your diet plan restricts you from living your best life … you need a new plan.


And I say this with love.


The reason I started this journey – and the reason why I’m guessing you started – is because I wanted to live my very best life.


A life where I didn’t get out of breath going upstairs.


A life where I could wear all my favourite clothes again.


A life where the idea of going for a hike or a bike ride didn’t fill me with dread.


A life where I had energy and strength and joy de vrie.


You know?


What I realised, dear reader, was that whatever I did to lose weight and get fit and healthy HAD to be something I could do for life.


I had to future pace into the shoes of the future me who had already achieved my fitness goals and live HER best life, today.


When I thought about it honestly, nowhere did restriction and choking down kale for three meals a day fit into the picture.


A little like dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.


I realised that I needed to PRIORITISE the lifestyle I envisioned for myself as a fit person.  Also, I needed to make sure that what I ate to GET healthy had to be sustainable.


Which means there’s no “diets”, there’s no “end date” to this, and there’s no feeling like I’m missing out.


The reason most diets fail is that they’re not designed to be followed long term. And all those feelings of FOMO only result in you refeeding so hard core that you undo all your hard work in weeks, even days.


(I can tell you this from experience.)


It doesn’t matter what path you choose to become your healthiest, fittest self.  Everyone can do this exercise.


Future pace and look at your healthy, fit future self in 12 months’ time.


How is she living? How is she treating herself and her body?


How is she eating healthy, working out, and still living her best life? How is she enjoying precious moments with family and friends?


How does what you’re doing now fit into that picture?


The sustainable way, the healthiest way to get that body you desire is, quite honestly the longer route.


But I promise you: your future fit self will thank you for choosing it.


best life

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