What to Wear for A 1980s Aerobics Workout

what to wear for a 1980s aerobics workout

So you’re ready to pop a Jane Fonda video into the VCR and work out 1980s aerobics style … but what should you wear? I mean, sure, you could just wear your everyday Gymshark or Lululemon but why do things by halves? A big reason I think we’re all fascinated with 1980s workouts is, admittedly, […]

The Tea … On Tea for Health Benefits

tea for health benefits

  Tea is love in a mug! Seriously – it’s literally instant happiness, just add water. Just like yoga, there are teas for every occasion. Teas for colds, teas for sleep, hot tea, cold tea, green tea – even blue tea.   Yes, blue tea. But more about that later.   Note: This post has been […]

5 Tips On How to Learn Aerobics as a Beginner

So you want to learn aerobics as a beginner to exercise?   You’re inspired by the aesthetics, the toned bodies and iconic fashion of old school aerobics … and it looks SO fun!   It looks like the perfect way for a beginner to get fit and have fun doing it … there’s just one problem. […]

How to Measure Your Fitness Progress Without Weighing Yourself

measure your fitness

PSA: Your scale is lying to you!   That little machine in your bathroom, that you step on every day, and allow to dictate your mood and your confidence and your motivation and your worth?   It’s only measuring one thing.   Your body’s physical weight.   The sum total of your bones, and your […]

Why You’re Gaining Weight (Instead of Losing It)

why am i gaining weight instead of losing it

You’ve been eating healthy, staying consistent at the gym, and drinking lots of water … so why are you gaining weight instead of losing it? Why is the scale going up instead of down?   There are many reasons why you’re gaining – instead of losing – weight despite doing everything right. Eating too many […]

Should You Work Out When You’re Stressed

work out when stressed

Here’s the sitch: after a hard day at the office, the stress and anxiety is REAL.  Should you work out when you’re stressed? Will it make your anxiety worse?   Yes, you should definitely work out when you’re stressed. Science has proven, time and again, that regular exercise is important for improving your mood and […]