The Tea … On Tea for Health Benefits

tea for health benefits

  Tea is love in a mug! Seriously – it’s literally instant happiness, just add water. Just like yoga, there are teas for every occasion. Teas for colds, teas for sleep, hot tea, cold tea, green tea – even blue tea.   Yes, blue tea. But more about that later.   Note: This post has been […]

What I Eat in a Day for Weight Loss (Realistic & Healthy)

what i eat in a day for weight loss

  Ahhh … yes.   The universal question human beings have been asking themselves since we climbed out of the primordial soup:   What’s for dinner?   Don’t you just love getting all enthused about eating healthy and exercising and then you realise … okay, I have no idea what to actually eat.   Like, […]

Are Nuts Healthy?

are nuts healthy

Are you nuts for nuts like I am? You may have heard conflicting things in the wellness space: some say nuts are fattening, others say they’re a superfood, so which do you believe? Are nuts healthy?   Yes! With lots of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, nuts are SUPER healthy. But, they are calorie-dense, so […]

Do I Need to Work Out Every Day?

do i need to work out every day

“Do I really need to work out every day?” I wondered, as my alarm dinged to remind me it was workout time, after an already busy morning.   Yuck, I really didn’t feel like it. I’d trained for 5 days this week, and I had swimming planned the next morning.   I mean, you don’t […]

Why Fruit Juice Isn’t A Health Food … Sorry

is fruit juice a health food

Is fruit juice a health food?   Today in Australia, there’s a big outcry on the news, as fruit juices have officially lost their 5 star health rating.   Here in Australia, we have a “health star” rating on packaged foods. The more stars a food has, the more healthy it’s deemed to be.   […]

The Most Effective Way to Get – And Stay – Fit for Life

get fit for life

Well, now listen, we like the idea of a quick fix diet. I mean, if something promises to make you drop 5 kg overnight, it’s tempting, right?     Usually these quick fix diets involve an all or nothing, cut and dry approach that DO lead to fast noticeable results at first.   Why? Because […]