Exercise Versus Nutrition – Which Is More Important for Weight Loss?

is nutrition more important than exercise for weight loss

Exercise Versus Nutrition for Weight Loss: which is the winner?   Oh, it’s On Like Donkey Kong!   As a qualified personal trainer, I’d love to sell you on the promise that if you work out using my program 5 x a week, you’ll be able to inhale donuts all day long and still rock […]

Why Fruit Juice Isn’t A Health Food … Sorry

is fruit juice a health food

Is fruit juice a health food?   Today in Australia, there’s a big outcry on the news, as fruit juices have officially lost their 5 star health rating.   Here in Australia, we have a “health star” rating on packaged foods. The more stars a food has, the more healthy it’s deemed to be.   […]

How to Eat Out When You’re On a Fitness Journey

eat out fitness journey

You’re doing really well on your fitness journey and then it happens: date night, dinner out with your girlfriends, or a work dinner with new clients.   Before you know it, you’re staring at a menu for entirely too long, breaking a cold sweat and wondering if the only thing available to you is the […]

10 Tiny Health Changes That Will Turn Your Life Around

health changes turn life around

Newsflash: the health changes that turn your life around won’t be the latest influencer workout guide or fad diet.   They will be the simple, easy to follow habits that you can practice every day for life.   The below 10 principles, added slowly into your daily life, will have you feeling fitter, healthier and […]

Why You Need to Read the Nutrition Labels

nutrition labels

Do you read the nutrition labels on the food you buy?   Here’s why it matters.   Listen, I usually drive my husband Greg bananas having to stand in the supermarket and read the nutrition labels of everything that comes in a package, but here’s why I do it.   Because packaging is designed to […]

Never Two In a Row

never two in a row

Psst … I’m about to let you in on a magical little secret for getting fitter and healthier effortlessly, staying on your grind, and living your real life.   Okay, ready? Here it is.   All you have to do is remember this guideline: “never miss two in a row“.   This little guideline (I […]