Should You Work Out When You’re Stressed

work out when stressed

Here’s the sitch: after a hard day at the office, the stress and anxiety is REAL.  Should you work out when you’re stressed? Will it make your anxiety worse?   Yes, you should definitely work out when you’re stressed. Science has proven, time and again, that regular exercise is important for improving your mood and […]

How Long Should I Rest Between Workouts?

rest between workouts

Okay, so we’ve got the memo that resting between workouts is good for us – even important, right? But how long do we need to rest between workouts?   It depends. After working a muscle group, give yourself 48 hours before you work that muscle group again. Beginners may also need more rest days than […]

What’s the Best Way to Help Sore Muscles After Working Out


If you’ve ever struggled to lower yourself onto the toilet seat after a hard leg workout, you know that sore muscles after working out is the worst!   Muscle soreness can begin a few hours after a workout and sometimes doesn’t peak until 48 hours after you’ve exercised.  However, there are some ways to help […]

What Type of Workouts Are Best for Weight Loss

best workouts for weight loss

      Life is short, time is limited, so when you’re trying to get in shape and lose the weight, you want to just know which are the best types of workouts for weight loss. You don’t want to mess around with something that’s not going to do the job.   When time is […]

How Long Should My Workouts Be?

how long workouts should be

I’ve often been asked “how long should my workouts be?” – and truth be told, it’s a question I’ve wondered myself.   I’ve been doing a lot of research on this recently.  I found it depends on your current fitness level, your fitness goals, and the type of training you’re doing. Let’s explore this in […]

Do I Need to Work Out Every Day?

do i need to work out every day

“Do I really need to work out every day?” I wondered, as my alarm dinged to remind me it was workout time, after an already busy morning.   Yuck, I really didn’t feel like it. I’d trained for 5 days this week, and I had swimming planned the next morning.   I mean, you don’t […]