Why You’re Gaining Weight (Instead of Losing It)

why am i gaining weight instead of losing it

You’ve been eating healthy, staying consistent at the gym, and drinking lots of water … so why are you gaining weight instead of losing it? Why is the scale going up instead of down?   There are many reasons why you’re gaining – instead of losing – weight despite doing everything right. Eating too many […]

How Much Protein Do I Need to Eat in a Day?

how much protein do i need to eat

  Protein seems to be the Boy Wonder of good nutrition & weight loss these days, but how much do we actually need in a day? Do we need to be loading up our plates with it, drinking protein shakes, and buying eggs by the crateload?   For the general population, it’s recommended that men […]

5 Things About Losing Fat From a Particular Spot You NEED to Know

lose fat particular spot

So you want to lose fat from a particular spot – get rid of your belly fat, lose your arm flab, or shrink your thighs.   But how to do it? Is that thigh master, flat belly tea, butt zapping pill or endless bicep curls going to do the trick?   The short answer is […]

Calories Versus Clean Eating: Which Is Better For You

I need to talk about something that’s been unexpectedly bugging me a lot.   So I’ve been a big fan of Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness for a while. Like, obsessed.   I will binge watch her YouTube channel all Sunday afternoon.   She’s total body and fitness boss lady goals and I love […]