Some of my pages, emails and blog posts use affiliate links.  It is my utmost intention to run my business with integrity and so it is important to me to be completely transparent and honest with you about my affiliate policies from the start.

Affiliate links are the oil for the machine that keeps the blog running and are a part of my business model as a whole.


The affiliate links that I use on some of my blog posts or emails earn me a small commission on any purchase you make from that link through me at no additional cost to you. These external sites make use of cookies in your browser in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

Where I make personal recommendations, collaborations and sponsored or affiliate content, I am committed to ONLY work with brands, companies and organisations whom I feel are aligned to my own brand and whose products and services I genuinely believe would be of utmost service to you and/or that are my own personal favourites that I think you will love just as much.


Whilst I may do sponsored posts or collabs from time to time, please rest assured that my views and opinions are ALWAYS my own and I am as always committed to writing with integrity.

If you have any further queries about my affiliate policies at all, or you feel concerned in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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