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You may love the idea of taking an aerobics class, but you’re wondering – is aerobics a good workout?


Yes! Done correctly, aerobics has a lot of benefits for burning fat and calories, improving your heart health, strength, endurance, agility and coordination. 


Of course, the effectiveness of any workout really depends on your own fitness goals, the duration and intensity of the workout, and your attention to form.


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Aerobics is a good workout if it’s aligned to your fitness goals


Whether aerobics is a good workout is kind of subjective.


In an aerobics class you’ll probably be jumping, jogging, balancing, doing lateral movements and coordinating arm and leg movements.


Some aerobics classes also do resistance training, core work and deep stretches at the end.


This is great for goals like:

Fat loss





Core work

Some flexibility 


It’s a great all rounder workout for just so many fitness goals.


But if your goal is specific to a certain outcome like:

Getting your first pull up

Doing the splits

Getting flexible 

Bodybuilding or sculpting muscle mass


Aerobics isn’t a good standalone workout for those goals. 


BUT don’t hesitate to add it as part of your overall fitness program as well as your specific goal targeted workouts.


Aerobics is such a good workout to add to your goal targeted workouts to enhance your results.


The more variety in your fitness program the more well rounded it will be.


How long an aerobic workout should be to get a good workout


Of course, especially if you’re new to exercise, any length of movement is better than none.


However, aim for a minimum of 10 minutes of aerobic activity at low to moderate intensity (55% of maximum effort), building up to 30 minutes or more at moderate intensity (55 to 75% of maximum effort).


For general health and wellness current guidelines recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity on most days of the week.


For fat loss, aim to exercise for at least 20 minutes. This is because it takes at least 15 minutes for the body to switch to using fat stores for energy rather than glycogen (sugar).


But if you’re just starting out remember to go at your own pace. Start with slow (low intensity) and short (10 minute) workouts and build it up with each workout as your endurance improves.


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How intense does my aerobics workout need to be


In order for aerobics to be a good workout, you need to be working at the right intensity.


Anyone can just march around the room waving their arms but it won’t necessarily do anything unless you’re putting some effort into it.


Once again, the intensity at which you should work out depends largely on your fitness goals and current fitness level.


In general, for health and fitness and fat loss in people who are moderately fit, your target heart rate should be between 50-70% of your maximum heart rate.


If you’re new to exercise, your target heart rate should be lower than this, about 50-65% of your maximum (and double check this with your doctor first).




How to find your target heart rate


To find your target heart rate (THR), first you need to find your maximum heart rate (MHR).

To do this, subtract your age from 220.  Let’s use me as an example.

I’m 37, so my maximum heart rate would be:

220 – 37 = 183 bpm

Now obviously I don’t want to work out to my maximum heart rate because I might keel over. 

We want to reach a percentage of that MHR, known as our target heart rate, which is an indicator of whether we’re working at the right intensity.

For the majority of the population, your THR should be between 50-70% of your maximum heart rate.

To find your target heart rate, simply multiply your MHR by 0.5 – 0.7 to find your ideal THR during exercise.

Using me as an example again, this looks like:

183 x 0.5 = 91.5 – 128 bpm

This means during a workout I want my heart rate to reach between 91.5 – 128 beats per minute.




To know if you’re working out at the right intensity, take your pulse during your workout.  You can do this by placing your index and middle finger on your neck, just right under your jaw and to the side of your windpipe.


Using a countdown timer or watch with a second hand, count your pulse for 15 seconds then multiply the result by four.  This is your heart rate.


If your heart rate is below your target heart rate, it means you need to up the intensity and put in a bit more effort.


If your heart rate is above your target heart rate, slow down and take it easy.  You can do this by walking around slowly, taking long, slow breaths, or doing lower impact versions of the exercises.


Pay attention to your form


Aerobics classes vary in intensity, impact and experience level.  However, it is a challenging workout even if you’re an experienced exerciser.


That’s why it’s just so important to pay attention to your form.


Not doing so can increase your risk of injury – and we don’t want that, kittens.


It also means you won’t be working the right muscle groups and you just won’t get the most out of your workout.


Now, I get it: those moves can be a pat-your-head-and-rub-your tummy kind of deal.  Keeping up is hard!



Slow it down, take it at your own pace, and practice the movements as best you can so you can rock your workout with perfect form.


A good instructor will also brief you about any complex choreography before the track, and cue you as you go.  


Make sure you don’t zone out!


Pay attention to what your instructor is saying and follow what you hear, not what you think you hear.


Odd thing to say, isn’t it – but believe it or not there can be a difference.  


The Number #1 Way to Know If Aerobics is a Good Workout


Want to know what the most important thing is when it comes to knowing whether aerobics is a good workout or not?


Whether you have FUN doing it!


You know what, if you find a way to move your body that you love, then automatically, it’s a great workout.


Because you’re gonna want to wake up and do it every day.


If it brings you joy and feels like a great time, you’ll be coming up with excuses to do it, instead of excuses to skip it.


And because you’re going to be consistent with it, you’ll get great results.


Now, this is true whether you love aerobics, or jogging, or krav maga.


An exercise that burns a lot of calories that you only do sometimes because you hate it – isn’t a great workout.


But a workout that burns less calories that you do every day because you love it IS a great workout.  You’ll burn more calories and get more health benefits overall.


The exercise you love is the exercise you’ll stick to.  And the exercise you stick to is going to be the one that gets you results all day long.


So if you’ve started aerobics, you love it, and you’re wondering … is it a good workout?  The answer is a resounding YES.


(BTW, aerobics actually does burn a lot of calories.  But to me that’s way beside the point.)




Listen, when you’ve got to get fit and time is short, you want to choose a workout that is effective and that will get you results!


I mean, sure, aerobics looks SUPER fun, but is it a good workout?


Because you don’t want to waste your time if it’s not!


Well I am here to tell you that aerobics is indeed a good workout – in fact, it’s fantastic.


I personally do aerobics every single day (except Sundays) and I absolutely LOVE the results.  I’ve lost fat, gained strength, coordination and agility – and I’ve had a total blast doing it.


By working out at the right intensity, for the right duration, with the right form, you’re sure to get a great workout from aerobics classes.


♥   ♥   ♥

Now I would love to hear from you.  What’s the best exercise class you’ve ever taken and why?  Let me know in the comments.

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