Want a 15 minute booty circuit workout that will burn your glutes and sculpt a round, peachy booty … without ever having to leave home?


This week we’re having class outside and I’m taking you through one of my favourite lower body workouts.


This is such a great, fun workout that you can do at home, it requires minimal equipment but it has maximum burn and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete!


Why it’s a tick in every box!


Just 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week and you’ll be on your way to a peachy booty!


If that sounds good to you, keep on scrolling.


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15 Minute Booty Circuit Workout to Sculpt a Booty At Home


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The Circuit

10 static lunges (per side)
8-12 dumbbell deadlifts
12 glute bridges
10 bodyweight squats
10 donkey kicks (per side)
15 crab walks (per side)


Rest 30-45 seconds between rounds and repeat 2-3 x through for a total of up to 15 minutes.


P.S. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down for 5 minutes either side of this workout with a light walk, stretching or activations.  It’s important to only work warm muscles and cool down properly after a workout to prevent injury!


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The Moves


10 Static Lunges (per side)


Keep your upper body straight, your shoulders relaxed and your chin up.


Hold in that core nice and tight, bracing your spine.  This will help you balance properly.


Step back with one leg and lower your hips slowly, keeping your spine straight and your gaze forward.


15 minute booty circuit


As you lower down, watch that front knee, making sure it doesn’t go past the toe, and keep it as straight over your ankle as you can.


Also watch that back knee, making sure it doesn’t hit the ground.  You don’t want to strain or injure yourself.


To get back up from there, squeeze your glutes and thighs as you straighten back up to the top.


Repeat x 10 per side.


8-12 Dumbbell Deadlifts


For this one, you’ll need some dumbbells, soup cans, or just whatever you’ve got around the house (as long as they’re both an equal weight).


(You can shop my favourite dumbbells here.)


Stand feet hip distance apart, elbows in front of the hips, dumbbells close to your knees at the front of your thighs.


Keep your shoulders down and your shoulder blades squeezed in together.  Tighten up through your core, we want a nice, straight back throughout the movement.


15 minute booty circuit - deadlifts



Now hinge backwards at the hips to slowly lower those dumbbells down to your knees.  Keep the movement smooth and controlled.


Pause (very slightly) at the bottom of the movement and squeeze your booty as you pull the hips back forward and rise back to a standing position.


Remember to keep your gaze forward throughout the whole movement (chest up – but maybe don’t have your neck tilted up like I’ve done in this photo – keep your spine nice and straight).  Holding your core in tight will help with this.


Repeat 8-12 times.


12 Glute Bridges


Lay flat on your back with your spine neutral, neck straight (don’t twist it – to look left and right, this is important, keep looking straight up), shoulders snuggled in and down the back, arms down by your sides.


Keep both feet firmly on the floor.


Slowly peel your pelvis and lower back up and off the floor, squeezing your glutes as you rise.


15 minute booty circuit - bridges


At the top of the movement, there should be a straight line through your spine – don’t overarch the lower back too high in the air.


Slowly lower down to the ground with control, keeping your tummy engaged and your hips straight throughout the move.


Repeat 12 times.


10 bodyweight squats


Stand up nice and tall, feet between shoulder and hip width apart.  (I like a good, wide squat personally – it’s a very beginner friendly way to start.)


Keep your spine nice and straight.  Holding your core properly will help with this.


Keeping your gaze forward, hinge your hips backwards as if you’re sitting back and down into a chair.  When you can’t extend your hips backwards anymore, bend at the knees to lower back into the squat, keeping the weight distributed between your midfoot and heels.


15 minute booty circuit - squats


Make sure to keep your spine straight, chest up and gaze forward.  Don’t look down or round through the spine/shoulders.


To come back up, really drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you rise up into a standing position.


Resist the urge to push your hips too far forward, instead coming back to a neutral position.


Repeat 10 times.


10 Donkey Kicks (per side)


Yay, time for my favourite glute exercise.


Come down onto your hands and knees (you’ll need a yoga mat), wrists underneath your shoulders.


Keep your spine neutral and really lock in that core nice and tight to protect your back (I like to give my tummy a good tap with my fist to make sure it’s held in properly).


Lift one leg back up behind you, bent at the knee, with the foot flexed.  Bring it up into the air, lower it halfway down, and pulse it up again.


15 minute booty circuit - donkey kicks


Squeeze your booty as you pulse your leg up, really feeling that contraction through your glutes and hamstrings.


Hold your stomach in firmly and keep your hips as straight and still as you can throughout the movement.


Repeat 10 times, then switch sides and repeat 10 times on the other leg.


15 Crab Walks (per side)


For this move, you’ll need a booty band (you can shop my favourite here).


Slide the booty band around your ankles and up your legs, to about just above your knees on your thighs.


Keeping your spine straight and your core active, extend your hips back into a half squat, gaze forward.


15 minute booty circuit - crab walks

Step sideways with one leg as far as you can against the resistance of the band, and then bring your other leg to meet it. Walk sideways back in the other direction and repeat a total of 30 times (15 on each leg).


These ones are my favourite! They burn so good!


And you’re done! Now, depending on how much time and energy you have left, rest for 30-45 seconds and repeat the whole circuit 2-3 times through, for a total of 15 minutes.


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And there you have it, folks, my 15 minute booty circuit to get a round, peachy butt from the comfort of your own home.


Whew!  Is it ever a glute burner!  My butt is always on fire after this circuit.


I hope you liked this workout – let me know if you’d like to see more of them!


I’ll be back soon with a brand new workout.  Until then, keep shining bright.


– xo, Rhi

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Which is your favourite booty burning move?


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